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My fiancé and I have just completed our move from Austin to San Diego and while it hasn't been too fun moving ourselves out of Texas mid-summer, we miss Austin already. Reflecting back on the two years we lived in Austin, I can't help but think of how much I am going to miss it. While California is home for me, I've loved the Austin people, swimming, weather, and most importantly, the food. I thought as a final tribute to Austin I'd write-up my all time favorite Austin eats, which I know I will be missing dearly when I am away. So, in no particular order, here are my Top 25 Favorite Austin Eats....

1. Chicken Karage at East Side King (Liberty Bar) - I can't say enough good things about this tangy, sour, spicy, sweet, delicious chicken karage. The basil, cilantro, onions, chili's, go so well with this sweet crispy fried chicken, it is a symphony of flavor for your mouth. Did I mention it comes it comes from a truck run by old Uchi chefs? Phenomenal.

2. Garden Bagel at Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse Cafe - This is my go-to weekend breakfast or lunch. I used to always venture to Bouldin after a long run on townlake and stuff my face with this delicious bagel. I go for sesame seed and eat every last local veggie on that plate. If you're looking for something to sip there, I highly recommend any of their coffee or their rose lemonade.

3. Hyde Park Fries at Hyde Park Bar and Grill - These things are probably will be the cause of my future heart attack, however, these buttermilk double fried french fries are so worth it.

4. Sugared Cinnamon Roll at Quack's 43rd Street Bakery - Sugared, buttery, and sweet, this is the perfect weekend treat to indulge yourself with. {no photo}
5. Jerked Margarita Chicken Pizza at East Side Pies - Heirloom tomatoes and the best jerked chicken I've ever tasted on a pizza. Does life get any better? Also we love anything with their house made sausage and farmer's market veggies.

6. Coconut flavored Jim-Jims Water Ice located at Deep Eddy Pool - Not only is this my favorite swimming spot in Austin, I'm lucky enough they serve the best snow-coney water icy italian things I've ever tried. There are fresh coconut chunks people! {no photo}

7. Funky Monkey Donut at Gourdough's - "Big. Fat. Donuts." The slogan says it all.

8. Breakfast tacos or Chicken tacos at Julio's Cafe - They have the freshest toppings and most amazing salsa. I always order egg, cheese, bacon, and tomatoes for breakfast and the rotisserie chicken taco for lunch. These tacos are like hugs for your insides. Julio's is comfort food at its best. {no photo}

9. Iced Toddy at Progress Coffee - Cold brewed coffee, Mexican vanilla, over ice, with a splash of half and half. It's perfect for when it's too hot to imagine doing anything else but drinking liquids. On Sundays, I love to order an iced toddy and walk through the HOPE farmer's market.

10. Cake Batter Snow Cone at Ice Queens - It's run by Texas Rollergirls roller derby players. Awesome, right? As a former Rec League player, I all too often supported these amazing derby ladies and their delicious icy treats.

11. Turkey Ruben at NeWorlDeli - Sauerkraut, Turkey, Cheese, Russian Dressing. YUM. This sandwich is so large, it would often be lunch and dinner. Score! {no photo}

12. Blueberry Blintzes at East Side Cafe - Beautiful gardens surround this charming east side eatery. The food is always spectacular and I can't think of anything I've ordered that I didn't like. The tart and sweet blueberry blintzes on the brunch menu are no exception to this. {no photo}

13. Fried Avocado Taco at Torchy's Tacos - Can you really ask for anything better than creamy avocado that is crisp and warm from being deep fried? Yes, you can cover it in cheese and wrap it in a flour tortilla. I love you Torchy. {image via Torchy's Tacos}

14. Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake at 24 - The only 24 hour diner I know that serves moules frites at 4am. While I love the entire menu the chocolate peanut butter milkshake will always have a special place in my heart.

15. Breakfast Taco's at Tacodeli in Barton Hills - This is a mid-hike taco stop for my fiancé and I. Practically on the Greenbelt, Tacodeli is perfect for before, after, or during a walk. Tacodeli's salsa and mashed potato breakfast taco filling make it among my favorites. {no photo}

16. Southern Belle {Red Velvet Cupcake} Sugar Mama's Bakeshop - This thing has the best cream cheese frosting I've ever tasted, in fact, it's one of the richest most wonderful Red Velvet's I've tasted. It is also the perfect size, not huge and gluttonous but not too small to really sink your teeth in.

17. Peanut Butter and Apple Smoothie at Daily Juice - Delicious detox and perfect hangover cure. {no photo}

18. Cop Stop Ice Cream at Amy's Ice Cream - Coffee and donut ice cream. How could that possibly be bad?

19. Green Chili Cheese Fries at The Alamo Drafthouse - These fries are my favorite treat to eat while watching a movie and drinking a cold beer. {no photo}
20. Full English Breakfast and Millionaire's Shortbread at Full English - The breakfast here reminds me so much of hiking in Northern England and eating huge breakfast's to fuel before the trek. Not a breakfast person? Get a cup of tea and the millionaire's shortbread. A small piece of England in South Austin, I know I will truly miss it here.

21. Burnt Brisket Ends at Salt Lick BBQ- I probably would have had my Texas drivers license revoked if I didn't include BBQ. The original Saltlick in Driftwood (30 minutes outside Austin) is the way to go. Ask especially for the burnt ends and if the wait is too long, don't hesitate to order it to go.

22. Sunday brunch at Lamberts - Just visiting Austin? The brunch here is the most amazing way to taste the entire Lambert's menu. It's "fancy" BBQ amazingly presented with ALL the fixings. I love their cheese grits, mac n' cheese, and of course, BBQ chicken. They've also got pretty good happy hour deals in their bar upstairs. {no photo}

23. Happy Hour at The Blue Dahlia - Affordable cheese and meat plates, small sandwiches, and did I mention cheap beer? If you can survive the heat, sit on the back patio. {no photo}

24. Ramen and Grilled Romaine at East Side King (The Grackle) - Yes, I have a love affair with anything East Side King. This ramen is no exception. Grilled pork belly, picked kimchi, a soft boiled egg, green onions, and a miso broth all in a ramen bowl with ramen noodles. It is out of this world. The grilled romaine is also noteworthy, the tastiest form of lettuce I've ever encountered.

25. Chocolate Pie at Monument Cafe in Georgetown - I wish I was eating this right now. I literally laughed at the waitress when she suggested I ordered their chocolate pie over cake. Chose pie over cake? Never. However, this pie was better than any cake could have been. Light, airy, but also rich and creamy. Sip on strawberry lemonade and eat the entire piece. {no photo}

{All photos taken by Dessert Pocket, unless otherwise noted)

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