Food Photography 1941



How amazing are these? My iPad camera doesn't even begin to do them justice.

My Grandfather was an avid photographer (among many other things). It was not his profession, but he did attend photography school in 1941 in Los Angeles. These photos were in his old photography school portfolio, tucked away in a basement corner of his old house (where I am currently living). Though my Grandfather passed away a couple of years ago, looking at these photos instantly brought me back to days spent with him in his library. I was most certainly drinking coke (forbidden by my mother) and in a wet bathing suit taking a break from the pool, while my Grandfather was no doubt telling me about the places he travelled through his photo collection. I am extraordinarily lucky to have memories like this of my Grandfather as it wasn't much later in my life he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. He was an amazing man and I am positive my love of photography came from him.

I couldn't love these prints anymore if I tried. I can't wait to get these framed and hang them in the kitchen in my next house.


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