Day 16: Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival

Yesterday some friends and I decided to get out of the city (San Francisco) for the day so we took a road trip down the coast to Half Moon Bay. The main purpose of the trip was to pick up some pumpkins from a local pumpkin patch, something I do every year. However, when we got to Half Moon Bay we realized that we would be getting a lot more than just a simple visit to the pumpkin patch. What we didn't know but quickly realized was that this weekend was the 41st Annual Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival. Each year local artists gather to showcase their harvest inspired crafts while a professional pumpkin carver carves a larger than life pumpkin - 1,200 plus pounds to be exact!  There is also a costume parade, haunted house and enough pumpkin treats to keep you full for the next month.

Unfortunately, we had already eaten breakfast so we didn't get to try everything that we wanted, a few items which included pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin chili, pumpkin pizza, pumpkin rolls and more. We did however get to try one thing, pumpkin ice cream! Although we were full from breakfast we wouldn't be the Dessert Pocket if we didn't still have room for dessert! Ice cream is one of my favorite meals (yes I consider ice cream to be a meal), however, I can't remember a time when I'd ever tried homemade pumpkin ice cream, this was clearly a no brainer. The ice cream was rich, but not overly so, and was obviously pumpkin flavor, coloring aside. It was declared delicious by all and devoured immediately. After perusing the festival for a while we decided it was time to move on and hit the pumpkin patch.

(Pumpkin Ice Cream)

Farmer John's is my favorite pumpkin patch in Half Moon Bay and if you haven't been then you are missing out! They offer every type of pumpkin you could ever think of and some you never would. There is are wagons to make carrying your pumpkins easier, bathtubs filled with gourds and even a teepee! I've always been overly picky about pumpkin picking and today was no different. I insisted on walking around the entire patch until I found a pumpkin that "spoke to me". After a checking out every last pumpkin at the patch I finally found a few pumpkins I was happy with. I grabbed my hay barrel, some gourds and we were on our way!

(Stephanie at Farmer John's Pumpkin Patch)