Day 24: Pumpkin Pie Bourbon Milkshakes

Please excuse the drool all over my computer. I can't help it! This was hands down my favorite way we've done pumpkin this month. Who doesn't like a milkshake? Especially a milkshake with alcohol! Win!

When I was a kid mint-chocolate chip milkshakes were the holy grail of milkshakes. I remember going to Fenton's with my 3rd grade soccer team after a big win and everyone ordering mint chip shakes by choice. Even now when I order a milkshake I instantly feel sentimental and like a kid who did something right. This milkshake is definitely a treat, but by no means kid friendly or right. Alcohol in a milkshake? That's wrong, but so right.

My 8 year old self would no doubt strongly disapprove of lacing anything with liquor (I was the ultimate goody two shoes), however, my adult self couldn't be more pleased. This shake is the perfect combo of creamy, smooth, and pumpkiny. And did I mention the bourbon? Because that's the kicker. Just trust me, you'll see...


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  2. Are you kidding me!! This is genius! Everyone has left over pumpkin pie after thanksgiving. What a perfect solution :)