This past Sunday I hosted my second annual Friendsgiving, a tradition I started last year after moving to San Francisco.  Although I made the turkey and all the sides last year, with 16 guests this year I decided to do it potluck style.  I asked my guests to each bring 1-2 dishes each, choosing from appetizers, sides and desserts while my sister, who was visiting from Colorado, and I made the turkey, a 17.7lb monster, gravy, candied yams and pumpkin pie.

(invite from Evite)

Since I live in San Francisco and don't have the necessary equipment to host 16 people, I  rented tables, chairs, plates and flatware.  I wanted the table to be elegant yet simple so we used white candles and candle holders wrapped with twine to line the table.  Instead of name cards I printed funny pictures of all my friends, a great conversation starter.  With everyone bringing their own wine the wine bottles also made for a great table decoration.

The food was set up on three buffets and everyone was able to help themselves to what they wanted.  In the end we had more than enough food for everyone: cheese and crackers and pesto and goat cheese tartlets to start, turkey, gravy, four different kinds of stuffing, two types of potatoes (mashed and scalloped), fruit salad, green beans, brussel sprouts, two types of cranberries (canned and fresh), rolls, candied yams, butternut squash soup, and sweet potatoes for dinner and pumpkin pie, pecan pie, chocolate carmel torte, cookies and an apple and pomegranate tart for dessert.  Needless to say no one was moving too fast after we finished eating.

Over the next week we'll be sharing with you some of the amazing recipes that were shared at my Friendsgiving and hope that they give you inspiration for your upcoming Thanksgiving meal!

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