2011 Dessert Pocket Cookie Exchange

Earlier this month I hosted my second annual Dessert Pocket Cookie Exchange.  Since last year was my first time hosting a cookie exchange, and I'd never been to one before, I wasn't sure how things were supposed to go so I just invited a bunch of friends over and we exchanged cookies. Although it was fun and everyone had a good time I decided to do things a bit differently this year. Like last year, I invited a bunch of my girlfriends over on a Sunday afternoon. However, this year I decided to mix things up by have a little cookie competition with prizes.

I sent the invitation out a few weeks in advance with the following rules in place:

  1. All cookies must be homemade and baked. No "no-bake" cookies, meringues or bars

  2. Please bring 4 dozen cookies

  3. Bring a container or bag to carry your cookies home

I also encourage guests to wear holiday attire. Since many people don't have printers I decided I would have everyone e-mail me their recipes and I would put together one document with all the recipes that could the be e-mailed to everyone.

I picked up some festive plates, napkins, cups and pencils for the party. Eggnog, white wine and an assortment of other beverages were served with the cookies.

After everyone had arrived and setup their cookies, I placed numbers by each cookie, except my own. We tasted all the cookies then used a homemade ballot (see below) to vote for Most Creative Cookie, Best Looking Cookie and Best Tasting Cookie. The winners each took home a small gift bag filled with goodies I had picked up in advance.

Here's Kate with our plate of cookies to taste!

And more cookie shots....

(My White Chocolate Candy Cane Oatmeal Crunch Cookies)

(Almond cookies with drizzled chocolate)

(Peanut Butter Cookies)

(Pumpkin Cookies)

(Eggnog Cookies)

If you hosted or attended a cookie exchange this year and have a good recipe, story or idea for a cookie exchange in the future we'd love to hear it!

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