365 Days of Food, A New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year from London, England!

I am in London visiting Bunny and Peter for the week and aside from the constant rain am having a great time. Last night for New Years we decided to check out the world-famous London firework display. For those of you who aren't up to speed with your international firework displays, each year they set fireworks off from both the London Eye and Parliament and this year was no different. Although it seemed that everyone else in London had the same idea we did, to watch the firework display from one of the bridges near the London Eye, the fireworks were amazing and the rain managed to subside for the better part of the evening.

Usually I decide on my New Year's Resolutions before December 31st but this year the time seemed to get away from me. So, this morning while wandering around Columbia Road Flower Market I was finally able to give some thought to what I wanted my resolutions to be this year. In year's past I've made one or two resolutions each year that to be honest, I never end up keeping. This year I wanted to make a resolution that I would not only be able to but I would actually want to keep. So, I've decided that for the next 365 days I am going to post a food picture to the Dessert Pocket's Instagram feed (you can follow us at DessertPocket) with the hashtag #DessertPocket365. Since I don't bake or cook everyday I've decided that these photos can be of any food; something I order at a restaurant, see at a bakery, or make myself, as long as it's food. I hope that you will enjoy this challenge and that it may inspire you to come up with your own challenges; whether it be to learn to cook or to just take more photos.

Here is our photo from Day 1 - English pears for dessert.

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