Easy Homemade Nesquik

In many respects I am still a child. If given a choice I'd chose grilled cheese over cheese souffle, fish sticks over caviar, and chocolate milk over regular milk. I know, it is savage, but it is me. Last night I struggled with the desire to order off the children's menu (even though I'm 15 years too old) and resented settling for a $13 salad with sparkling water instead of the $4.99 mac and cheese and chocolate milk. It's tiring keep up my appearance to pretend to eat like an adult. I went home after dinner with a strong desire for my childhood favorite Nesquik, but was far to embarrassed to go into our local corner store and buy it (especially since I know the shop keeper and he know's I don't have kids). I quickly searched the internet for a substitute and had my own homemade Nesquik in under a minute. Easy, delicious, and without any added chemicals.

{Homemade Nesquik}
Recipe from One Good Thing by Jillee / Sugar Bananas
I sifted my ingredients together, because I don't like the big clumps, but you could easily throw it all in a jar and shake it up. I tried the recipe both hot and cold and it was delicious either way!
An amazing tip suggested in the original recipe is to add a tablespoon of hot water before adding your spoonful of powder to the glass and stirring to dissolve any remaining lumps before adding the milk. Worked like a charm for me and stopped the annoying floating level of powder you get at the top of a glass with Nesquik.

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