Salted Caramel Sauce + Nigella

Confession: I love Nigella Lawson. Yes, she can be completely over the top, moaning while she eats and faking food orgasms in her pajamas infront of the fridge, however, at the end of watching an episode I'm always left with the desire to cook or bake something. Rightthatveryinstant. Which I suppose is the definition of good food television? So she's got me. Wild over sexuality and all. I'm sold on the recipes and on her. Do you remember the cover piece she did for Stylist in December 2011? It's one of my favorites, ever. 
"I am in the middle of a love affair with salted caramel. It’s heady, it’s passionate, it may – like the stalker’s obsessive focus – not be entirely healthy, but I take the view that few in this world have the luxury to be blasé about pleasure. There’s simply not enough of it about for us to gainsay what gifts are offered up for our enjoyment. True, for many, self-denial has its own exquisite agony, but I am not among their number. For me, a “more is more” kind of a person, I don’t want merely to experience pleasure, I want to wallow in it – gloriously and gratefully – while it lasts." -Nigella Lawson

Not only is the picture utterly ridiculous but if you read the article she perfectly describes my own feelings about pleasure in eating and my unhealthy love of salted caramel. Last night I had a salted caramel urge that couldn't be stopped. I whipped up Nigella's own Salted Caramel Sauce recipe adding half a vanilla bean for an extra punch and my craving was swiftly cured with an added side of vanilla ice cream. This morning the same craving came back and I dropped a heaping spoonful into my coffee, it was insanely good (this could be dangerous). This recipe is so good and so easy, I  may have to prebook a space in salted caramel rehab.
{Salted Caramel Sauce}
Recipe from Nigella Lawson

  • 75 gram(s) unsalted butter (best quality)
  • 50 gram(s) soft light brown sugar
  • 50 gram(s) caster sugar
  • 50 gram(s) golden syrup
  • 125 ml double cream
  • 1 teaspoon(s) fleur de sel
  • *optional* 1/2 a vanilla bean (split lengthwise) seed scrapped
  1. Melt butter, sugars and syrup and butter in a small heavy based pan and let simmer for 3 minutes, swirling every now and again.
  2. Add cream, vanilla seeds, and half a teaspoon of fleur de sel salt (not table salt!) and swirl again, give a stir with a wooden spoon and taste to see if you want more salt before letting it cook for another minute on the stove, then pour into a jug for serving or jar for storage. Allow time to cool out of pan for thickening.
Now for the best part, eating it! I like it over vanilla ice cream, on top of anything with whipped cream, with brownies, over apple pie, cake, or crumble, with raw sliced apples or a simple baked apple, in coffee, or my personal favorite on a spoon straight out of the jar. And hey, if you want to spend half the day in the shower scrubbing it out of your hair, do a Nigella and pour it straight over your head. Whatever floats your salted caramel boat.

Golden syrup is a very British ingredient and can be a bit hard to find. Occasionally it's in the British section of a grocery store or in Cost Plus, Lyle's is the most famous brand, but it can be ordered online as well. I've heard of some people substituting golden syrup for corn syrup, but never tried it myself, so let me know if it works out for you.

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