State Bird Provisions

In celebration of the culmination of my work for the past year - and the fact that they're closing for the next
month and a half - I decided to treat myself, and my sister, to dinner at State Bird Provisions last night. This was my fourth trip (spoiled I know) and possibly the best yet.

We kicked off the night with a bottle of sparkling Ferrari Brut Rose from Trento, Italy which was the perfect way to celebrate and went great with our smorgasbord of dishes. For those of you who don't know, State Bird Provisions is known for their dim sum style of serving - it's also harder to get a reservation at than the French Laundry - don't ask how I got mine, I can't share the secret.

Along with their carts and trays they also offer a limited selection of provisions you can order straight from the kitchen.  Before the first cart could even come out we order three things from the menu, sweet corn & mt. tam "shortstack" pancakes (pictured to the right), pork spare ribs glazed in their own juice and 1/2 dozen cast iron quail eggs with tomato confit and creoja.  I'd had the pancakes before but never the sweet corn ones, I love anything with corn and this shortstack did not disappoint.  The pork spare ribs were so tender they fell right off the bone and the 1/2 dozen cast iron quail eggs - well do I really need to go into detail? Quail. Eggs. The end.

Next came the trays and carts. One thing about me is that I can't say no, especially in a situation with food coming at me, I also have extreme food FOMO (fear of missing out) and I don't want to miss anything, put those together and you have a lot of "yeses" coming your way.  Our first dish, and probably our favorite (savory) of the night was the nori cracker with tuna and pureed avocado. Although difficult to share it was well worth the challenge.  What followed is a blur of seafood, cheese, rabbit and vegetables including this delicious charred octopus in tomato-chick pea salsa.

Dessert at State Bird Provisions is always one of my favorite parts of the night. Nicole Krasinski (pastry chef) is a mastermind in the kitchen and can make the most simple of dishes make you stop and think: "why didn't I think of that?". Aside from ordering the obvious 'world peace' - their famous peanut muscovado milk, we also ordered the birdseed bittersweet chocolate crunch with caramel cloud cream and blueberries. Like the eggs I don't need to say much for you to know this was my second favorite dish of the night. The caramel cloud cream was heavenly and the chocolate crunch was the perfect amount of chocolate - not too strong and not to sweet. The perfect ending to an already amazing dinner.

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