With Valentine's Day taking place this past week, I figured it was a good week to stay in and cook rather than go out. Although let's be honest, seven days would be a long time with no meals out, so I hit two big ones, both on my continually growing restaurant list, check, check.

Bite of the Week: Caesar Salad from Zuni Cafe

Tuesday: Nico
The Last Supper. Like Verbena (see here), Nico is a new addition to San Francisco. Owned and operated by a husband and wife couple, Nico is a quaint bistro located in Laurel Heights - perfect for our "last supper", the last meal with my co-worker Monica who has now moved on to a new job opportunity (don't worry our historic meals will continue!). The menu, although small, changes nightly and offers unique pairings such as seaweed and gruyere.  Each dish has also been paired with a wine so you can have a 3oz or a 6oz tasting with every course if you so choose.

Wanting to try a little of everything we opted for the following: bites - seaweed and gruyere beignet, starters - sunchoke with potato, hazelnut and mustard greens, main course - pork belly with burssel sprouts, parsley root and hedgehog and lamb with potato, green garlic and yellow foot, and last but not least (as you know) dessert - as all three looked delicious we had to try at least two of them, the chocolate, banana and fromage blanc dessert as well as the olive oil cake with citrus and creme patissiere.

Saturday: Zuni Cafe 
A San Francisco Classic. One of San Francisco's more iconic restaurants, I am embarrassed to say I had never been to Zuni Cafe before. Started by the late Chef Judy Rodgers in 1979, Zuni Cafe is known for its service, ambiance and of course the food - in particular the chicken.

Like usual, I wanted to try a little of everything, but luckily knew which classics were non negotiable when ordering.  We started with their infamous Zuni Caesar Salad. I am a sucker for Caesar salads but I have to say, this is probably one of the best, if not THE best, Caesar salad I have ever had. If you have not tried it, I insist you do, it will change your life.  Along with the salad we of course had to order the shoestring potatoes. I am not a huge fan of shoestring potatoes but these, of course, had great taste, the only issue was that I couldn't get enough into my mouth at once! By this time we had already ordered the chicken but as that takes an hour (oh the suspense!) we decided to order something to hold us over, Citrus Risotto. Cooked perfectly with just the right amount of citrus taste this was a perfect intermittent dish. Finally, the piece de resistance, the Chicken for Two Roasted in the Brick Oven with Warm Bread Salad, Scallions, Garlic, Dandelion Greens, Dried Currants and Pine Nuts. WOW. Let me just say, the chicken is everything it's cracked up to be, perfectly moist with the perfect surprise, warm bread salad. At that point we were unfortunately too full for dessert (I know, I know!) but that just gives me the perfect excuse to go back again soon!

Friday: Bob's Donuts
Valentine's Day. Another San Francisco classic, Bob's Donuts is known for their over sized glazed donut. Although lets be honest, I don't think they make a bad donut, glazed, maple, apple fritter or otherwise. I wanted to do something special for the office (keep in mind this is an office full of foodies) so I decided what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than bring in a box full of donuts - so that's exactly what I did! Best. Valentine. Ever.

Tip: If you're a two top request the second floor table by the window at Zuni, it's the best seat in the house!

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