This week my dear friend and amazing publicist Monica Powers (Made PR)and I decided to start a weekly ritual, meeting for coffee on Thursday mornings. Everyone knows there is no shortage of coffee shops in San Francisco. But instead of hitting one of the traditional spots we decided to kick-off this new weekly ritual at one of our favorites spots, Craftsman and Wolves. 

Next week we're planning to check out 20th Century Cafe and the week after who knows! If you have any suggestion, please let me know, we'll be happy to check them out.

What: Craftsman and Wolves - a contemporary p√Ętisserie by Chef William Werner

When: Breakfast pastries, lunch and savory bites 7 days a week

Where: Mission - 746 Valencia St., San Francisco

Bites: Muffin with Blackberry, Banana and Cornflake, Scone with yellow corn, stone fruit and basil and Morning Bun with Grains of Paradise, Creme Fraiche and Muscavado
Favorite Bite(s): Muffin with Blackberry, Banana and Cornflake although my all time favorite bite here is The Rebel Within with Asiago, Sausage, Green Onion and a Soft Cooked Farm Egg

Drink(s): Coffee

Insider Tip: Make sure to get multiple things so you can try a little of everything! 

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