Another resource I was sure to tap for restaurant recommendations before coming to DC was my foodie friends - thank you Taylor, Omri and Buzz! Although they all had Rose's Luxury at the top of their lists' (which by the way I am currently writing this post while I wait for my table, fingers crossed you will be reading about that tomorrow), there was another restaurant they all recommended that caught my eye, Daikaya

Daikaya is actually two restaurants, a ramen bar downstairs and izakaya upstairs. Although I love ramen (#ramenrevolution) for some reason the izakaya menu caught my eye and there was no turning back - although I did try to sweet talk the bartender into bringing me some ramen upstairs but sadly no ice.

From the moment I walked in, well really walked up, I was in love. The ambiance hits you in the face like a wet noodle - am I taking this too far? - sexy, casual and perfect for this cold winter's night.

I had my choice of a seat at the bar or a table but after two nights of solo dining I opted for the bar, hoping to spark a conversation with someone, anyone. I arrived during happy hour and after contemplating between the two happy hour cocktails landed on the "Big Kitty", red wine and house-made ginger beer...ya, delicious. With a few sips of Big Kitty warming my belly I gathered the courage to spark up a conversation with the bartender. He suggested that as a solo dinner I start with three dishes and see how I feel then. When I made a face he backtracked and suggested two, obviously I immediately ordered five. So, without further ado, here's a recap of what's so far been my favorite meal in DC.

What: Daikaya - the combination of the dreams of three men, realized in one space.  

When: 7 days a week, hours change depending on floor

Where: Washington, D.C. - 705 6th Ave NW

Decor: Upstairs - casual, sexy, comfortable, fun and inviting

Bites: Chawanmushi steamed egg and dashi custard with tru ed shiitake mushroom sauce and parmesan cheese,  Rocky Onsen egg, sea urchin, salmon roe, sweet dashi broth, Grilled Avocado with housemade ponzu, fresh wasabi, and nori salt, Grilled Octopus with “Robu-chan” potatoes, pimenton, and olive oil and Mentaiko Mini Domburi fish roe, green onion, nori, and soy-Kewpie over a bowl of rice -- please note, just writing this is making me want to leave my waiting post (don't forget I am currently waiting for a table at Rose's Luxury) and RUN back to Daikaya for more

Beverages: Big Kitty - red wine and house-made ginger beer and Draft Spiced Moscow Mule - Vodka, House Ginger Beer, Apple, Lime, Seasonal Spices. Both cocktails were phenomenal and as one of my friends would say "had poundability". Although I would have been happy to sit and drink multiple of both, I decided to use good judgement and stop after two *sad face*

Inside Tip: If you want to go for ramen, put your name in downstairs then head upstairs for some bites and drinks while you wait. If you're not finished by the time your table is ready, they'll transfer your food and drinks downstairs for you! 

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