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After a full day at work I left feeling a little empty inside. I stepped outside only to realize it was about 30 degrees and freezing out, damn you Juno. I made a quick decision that there was only one thing that could turn this night around, a steaming hot bowl of matzo ball soup! But where to get said soup?

In my research of the DC food scene I'd found a place called DGS Delicatessen, an adorable Jewish spot off Dupont Circle. In San Francisco when I'm craving a good Reuben or a bowl of matzo ball soup I head to Wise Sons, I mean who doesn't? So in the name of steaming hot matzo ball soup and a little pick-me-up I made the executive decision to head on over to DGS Delicatessen and see just how good their "already world famous" matzo ball soup was. 

What: DGS Delicatessen - a Jewish Delicatessen owned by 3rd generation Washingtonians and cousins Nick and David Wiseman.

When: Open 7 days a week with brunch on the weekends 

Where: Washington, D.C. - 1317 Connecticut Ave. NW

D├ęcor: Casual, lots of white tiles (which we love) and some adorable neon light-up signs 

Bites: Today's Pickles, Chopped Liver, Matzo Ball Soup and the House Made Pastrami Sandwich on Double Baked Rye 

Drinks: Chocolate Egg Cream made the bartenders way, with coke instead of soda water - it may be a no no in New York but it sure was delicious

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