You may have noticed I haven't been posting lately. To be honest I haven't been feeling overly inspired, and although I've been eating tons of delicious food and trying lots of new places, the stack of menus on my desk has just continued to grow and grow... 

That is until last night. The stack of menus is still there, growing, but I finally feel inspired again. And, surprisingly enough, it wasn't because of a meal I had eaten; it was because of flowers, flowers and eggs. So, in an attempt to share my latest inspirations or rather obsessions with you, I've decided to (try) and do a weekly column titled "Monday Obsessions". 

Each week I'll feature the things that are inspiring me right now - it may be food, or it could be clothes, I'm not really sure but I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do! So, without further ado, I give you my first Monday Obsessions. 

1. Ranunculus - Spring is in full bloom and that means flowers, and lots of them. Traditionally my favorite flower has been the peonies but after a trip to the SF Flower Mart this weekend I fell in love with ranunculus, they're almost like a mini peonies! 

2. Farm Fresh Eggs - I've been going to the Marin Farmer's Market the past few months but typically don't buy much. I recently picked up a dozen eggs to bake with and instantly fell in love with them. The color, outside and while used in baking is amazing and they really do improve the taste and quality of your final product!  

3. Biscuits - Something I have always loved but don't typically make, until this weekend. I had some extra buttermilk and was craving something sweet and somehow landed on buttermilk biscuits. I found a fantastic recipe from Smitten Kitchen and whipped them right up. I ended up freezing some of the biscuits so we were able to have them throughout the weekend! I highly recommend making these and freezing them for when you want fresh biscuits next!   

4. Braided Buns - I've been watching a lot of the show Viking, on the History channel, lately. If you've ever watched the show you'll know the women wear their hair in braids, a lot. I love a good fishtail off-to-the-side-braid but typically don't do much else. I was scanning Pinterest this weekend and came across this gem. As my hair was slightly (okay pretty) dirty by Sunday, I needed something to do with it. So I tried this do and instantly fell in love - easy and perfect for all occasions! 

5. Shark iPhone 5 Case by Stella McCartney - I love sharks. I may not want to run into one while swimming in the ocean but I wait all year for Shark Week - who doesn't? I even have a Shark Week Pinterest board...okay maybe that's taking it a little too far. But I do love this Stella McCartney Shark iPhone 5 Case. Unfortunately mine has been on back-order since January but doesn't mean I have to love it any less! 

Well, that's a wrap for this week. I hope you've enjoyed reading about my current obsessions! Until next week... 

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