The Dessert Pocket is all about celebrating the sweetest moments in life. We share our favorite recipes, restaurants, local eateries, and travel spots. We believe in simplicity, indulgences, and the simple theory there is always room for dessert, in fact it’s a whole separate pocket off your stomach dedicated to it.

The Dessert Pocket is a collaborative effort between Madison + Bunny who have been friends since their freshman year at the University of Vermont. Madison has always been a baker, making cookies since she was little with her Grandmother. Madison originally shared her baking to the blog world as Maddiecakessf, however, in 2009 the pair thought up the Dessert Pocket as a joint collaboration while in Vancouver chowing down on a larger than life caramelized banana split. Bunny brings the technical aspects to the team as a lover of photography, photoshop, and CSS. The two draw inspiration from their global travels, love of classic American dishes, west coast heritage, seasonal and local ingredients, and each other.
After graduating UVM in 2008, Madison moved back to the West Coast, closer to her family home Eugene, OR, and into Seattle, WA. Madison spent two years working in the food and fashion industry and traveled extensively in Africa and Asia. Madison attended pastry classes at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris before she eventually moved and settled in San Francisco. Madison currently works in event planning and specializes in large scale food events.

Post-graduation Bunny hopped on a plane and joined her then boyfriend in London, England. She worked in television and with visual design before deciding to quit and work with children. After a brief stint in Vancouver, BC and two years in Austin, TX (a city she still loves to bits), she returned to London to join the same boyfriend (who is now her husband) and build a life there. Bunny now works with elementary aged children and pursues graphic design and photography strictly as a hobby.

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